Showfou Multi-stage Pump SPM Series

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Showfou Multi-stage Pump SPM Series

•Multi-Stage Design: Super High Pressure to provide Large flow and High Head.
•Our multistage turbine adopts a close-coupled compact design for space-saving.
•Extra long-life: The pump body and all related parts are made of strong cast iron.
•Anti-rust treatment for all cast iron parts of our multistage turbine pumps.
•Its closed type Bronze impeller is suitable for clean water transferring from one place to another
•The impeller and motor shaft are adjusted with a dynamic balancing machine.
•Little vibration, noise, and extraordinary durability are ensured.

•Boiler Feed
•Pressure Boosting
•High-Pressure Cleaning
•High Building and Firefighting
•Heating Ventilation, Air-cooling, Circulation
•Good for various irrigation purposes.
•Long-distance Water Transfer.

Power: 1hp
Voltage: 240V
Discharge: –
Max Head: –
Max Flow: –

Power: 2hp
Voltage: 240V
Discharge: 1-1/2″
Max Head: 46m
Max Flow: 0.22m3/min

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