Showfou Self-Priming / Turbine Pump SP Series

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Showfou Self-Priming / Turbine Pump SP Series

•Large Flow and High Head for Clean Water Use.
•Close-coupled compact design for space-saving.
•Extra long-life: The pump body and all related parts are made of strong cast iron.
•Anti-rust treatment for all cast iron parts.
•Closed type Bronze impeller, suitable for any clean water transferring from one place to another.
•The impeller and motor shaft are adjusted with a dynamic balancing machine.
•Little vibration, noise, and extraordinary durability are ensured.
•To aid in keeping water in the pump we would also recommend installing a non-return valve at the end of the suction line.

•Long Distance Clean Water Transfer.
•Pressure Boosting
•High-Pressure Cleaning
•Boiler Feed.

Power: 2hp
Voltage: 240V
Discharge: 2″
Max Head: 30m
Max Flow: 0.30m3/min

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