Stream Submersible Pump SPA37-4-0.75F


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Stream Submersible Pump SPA37-4-0.75F

Model: SPA37-4-0.75F (Auto)
Power: 750w
Voltage: 240V 50Hz
Outlet Diameter (mm): 75
Max. Flow (I/min): 650
Head (m): 8
Weight (kg): 24.5 KG
Dimension (cm): 27x22x55.5cm

The clean water submersible pump is used for aquariums, mine enterprises, gardens, family and irrigation watering flower and flush.

Working Condition:
– The depth for the electrical pump below the water is no more than 5m
– The temperature of the water is no higher than 40°C
– The PH figure of the water is between 6.5-8.5
– The grain diameter of the solids in the water is no bigger than 0.2mm

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