Showfou Booster Pump CVQ Series

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Showfou Booster Pump CVQ Series

ModelDischargePowerVoltageMax.Head(m)Max.Flow(m3/min)Solid Passage
CVQ-0512 / CVQ-05321″0.5hp/0.4kw240V / 415V140.1113.5
CVQ-112 / CVQ-1321.5″1hp/0.75kw240V / 415V160.2110
CVQ-212 / CVQ-2322″2hp/1.5kw240V / 415V210.298

1. Extra long-life design: the pump body and all related parts are made of casting stainless SCS 13(#304).
2. Good capability of anti-acid & alkali, and also suitable for seawater use.
3. The Whole unit is equipped with Viton O-Ring.
4. Little vibration and noise.
5. The Viton O-Ring is used between pump bracket and pump casing to give better pump life in corrosive and aggressive media.
6. All models are equipped with Silicon Carbide with Teflon/Viton mechanical seal.
7. The SCS14/SUS316 material: CVQ-K Series Cast Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps is also available.

– Chemical processing, heavy-chemistry, oil refining, dyeing, bleaching, metal treatment, and electro-plating.
– Food, fishery, drinks, breweries, pulp, fiber,  wineries, tanneries, meat packing, cosmetics, and medicines.
– Plant for preventing pollution, wastewater, white water, sewage, and drainage treatment.

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