Showfou Large Volume Pump KL Series

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Showfou Large Volume Pump KL Series

Model: KL-732N
Power: 7.5hp
Voltage: 415v
Discharge: 8″
Max. Head (m): 8.2
Max. Flow (m3/min): 4.70
Solid Passage (mm): 31×22

Model: KL-1032N
Power: 10hp
Voltage: 415v
Discharge: 10″
Max. Head (m): 9
Max. Flow (m3/min): 6.50
Solid Passage (mm): 31×22

Model: KL-2032N
Power: 20hp
Voltage: 415v
Discharge: 12″
Max. Head (m): 12
Max. Flow (m3/min): 9.00
Solid Passage (mm): 31×22

– Turbo Jet-Like impeller designed to improve extra-output water volume.
– Easy operating, no need for equipped devices, result in this less-maintenance, noise, and vibration-free pump.
– Rigid body, by using the special fined bronze and stainless steel, will raise the pump the ability of water delivering life.

It is the application to sewage, the field cultivates and industrial use, as well as in accumulated water and large volume water pumping.

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