Showfou Electronic Constant Pressure Pump UA Series

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Showfou Electronic Constant Pressure Pump UA Series

Power: 0.25hp/0.2kw
Voltage: 240V
Discharge: 3/4″
Max Head(m): 24
Max Flow(m3/min): 0.05

Power: 0.5hp/0.4kw
Voltage: 240V
Discharge: 1″
Max Head(m): 32
Max Flow(m3/min): 0.05

1. Compact size: No requirement of a large space for installation.
2. Super quiet motor with a built-in thermal protector:  to provide non-intrusive and safe operation for consumer enjoyment.
3. To be environmental friendly and to prolong the pump servicing life, all the parts that are in contact with the water are manufactured from safe and corrosion-resistant materials.
4. Showfou UB electronic constant pressure pump consists of a multi-stage centrifugal pump with our unique microprocessor for pump control.

– Domestic water supply
– Pressure boosting
– Automatic water transfer
– Washing system
– Small and medium-size home, cottage.
– Irrigation

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