Showfou Dry-free Vertical Sealless Pump PE Series

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Showfou Dry-free Vertical Sealless Pump PE Series

ModelDischargePowerVoltageMax Head(m)Max Flow(m3/min)
PE-0532N / PE-0532F(With Viton Sealing)2″*1″0.5HP415V70.18
PE-132N / PE-132F(With Viton Sealing)2″*1.5″1HP415V100.25
PE-232N / PE-232F(With Viton Sealing)2″*1.5″2HP415V140.28
PE-332N / PE-332F(With Viton Sealing)2″*1.5″3HP415V160.35

*Model is FRPP (Fiber Filled Polypropylene)

– Sealless Structure
– Dry running Ability
– Vapor Seal Structure

– Transferring and circulating for plating solvents of filter.
– Heat exchanger circulation.
– Press and reaction tank transfer.
– Reaction mixing tank transfer.
– Nickel electroplating.
– Tansfer for tank to tank.
– Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical industry.
– Any Hazardous Chemical Applications.

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