Pedrollo 4″ Submersible Pump 4SR4/22 F


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Product Description


Pedrollo 4″ Submersible Pump 4SR4/22 F
Model: Three phase
Port Size: 1¼”
Power: 2.2kw/ 3 Phase
Flow: 20~100 l/min
Head(m): 167 ~ 61.5
Weight: 8.5kg

Application Limit:
• Temperature of the liquid to +35 °C
• Maximum sand content 150 g/m³
• Immersion limit:
– 200 m with 4PD motor
– 100 m with 4PS motor
• Installation:
– vertical
– horizontal, with the following limits:
4SR1 – 4SR1.5 – 4SR2 – 4SR4 up to 23 stages
4SR6 – 4SR8 up to 17 stages
• Starts/hour: 20 at regular intervals
• Minimum flow rate for motor cooling 8 cm/s
• Continuous service S1

Installation And Use:
Economic savings on the use of water thanks to the high efficiency and the consequent reduced electricity consumption. The construction with floating impellers allows the pumping of water with a sand content of up to 200 gm/m3 . Installation is possible in the vertical and horizontal position.


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