Multifunction Vegetable Cutter DQ180A

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Product Description

Multifunction Vegetable Cutter DQ180A

Model: DQ180A
Generator Power: 0.25kw
Rated Voltage of Power: 240V/50Hz
Rotational Speed of Cutter Disc: 270r/min
Max. Feeding Dimensions: φ60mm
Cutting Capacity: 50 ~ 450kg/h
No. Of disc: 6 discs
Overall Dimensions of Machine: 400 × 290 × 540mm
Net Weight: 19 KG

Specification of various cutter discs (Standard Equipment)
1. Slicing cutter disc SL1.5mm
2. Slicing cutter disc SL4.5mm
3. Square Shreading cutter disc JU2.5×2.5mm
4. Square shreading cutter disc JU4x4mm
5. Round shreading cutter disc 4.5×4.5mm
6. Dicing cutter disc 8x8x8mm

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