Meudy Sewage Pump 80C21.5T


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Product Description


Meudy Sewage Pump 80C21.5T
Motor Power: 2HP
Voltage: 415V
Outlet(mm): 80mm/ 3inch
Rated Capacity: 27m³/h
Max Capacity: 52m³/h
Rated Head(m): 7m
Max Head: 13m
Impeller Passage: 40mm
RPM: 2850rpm
Cable: 4G1.0mm²
Weight: 43kg

Structure and characteristics
A “cutter mechanism” is provided by the combined action of a carbide blade intergrated into a non-clog impeller and the sawshaped inner surface of a suction cover. This construction ensures that fibrous foreign matter is cut up, and sewage is transferred without clogging.

The C series is especially useful for pumping waste water containing soft, easy broken fibers from slaughter house and blogas plants.

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