Meudy Sewage Pump 40G22.2


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Product Description


Meudy Sewage Pump 40G22.2
Motor Power: 2.2kw/ 3HP
Current: 5A
Outlet(mm): 40/ 1.5inch
Rated Capacity: 10m³/h
Max Capacity: 20m³/h
Rated Head(m): 22m
Max Head: 26m
Cable: 4G1.0mm²
Speed: 2850rpm
Dimension: 610*220*250
Weight: 40kg

Structure and characteristics
A grinding mechanism is provided at the suction inlet of the pump. Flow in suspended solids are cut into small pieces and pumped out by a vortex impeller without a fear of clogging in the discharge pipe.

● Transferring the sewage under high pressure in small scale sewer systems
● Transferring the domestic and building sewage
● Collecting and transferring the wastewater in factories
● Transferring the wastewater from the waste-water tanks of hospitals, hotels, department stores, etc.
● Pumping the disposal units requiring grinding.


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