Meudy Submersible Drainage Pump FSM2.75F


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Product Description

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Meudy Submersible Drainage Pump FSM2.75F

Rated Current: 5A
Motor Power: 0.75kw
Outlet(mm): 50mm
Max Capacity: 0.27m³/min
Max Head: 18m
Impeller Passage: 6mm
Dimension: 445*265*255mm
Weight: 16kg

Structure and characteristics
Semi Vortex impeller design minimizes the clogging situation by sand.
For maximum durability and maintaining pump performance.
Built-in shaft mounted agitator prevents the “air lock” and reduces the clogging situation.

●Civil engineering, building sites, basements or other utility pits
●Rain water, mud water and high-viscosity fluid.


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