Golden Bull Universal Mixer B Series Universal Mixer

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Product Description

Golden Bull Universal Mixer B Series Universal Mixer

ModelPowerVoltageBowl CapacityDoughQtyMax.NetWeight / GrossWeightDimension(mm)
Universal Mixer (With  Safety cover)   
B5-C0.20KW240v5 L0.4 kg14kg net420x240x420
B10-C0.37KW240v10 L1 kg43kg / 53kg523x420x750
B20-C1.1KW240v20 L2 ~ 4 kg59kg / 72kg565x475x910
B25-C1.1KW240v25 L3.5 kg108kg net
B502.2KW415v50 L8~ 10 kg133kg / 170kg670x690x1200
Universal Mixer (Without  Safety cover)
B5-A0.20KW240v5 L0.4 kg14kg net420x240x420
B7-A0.30KW240v7 L0.6 kg17kg / 19.5kg402x244x426
B10-A0.75KW240v10 L1 kg51kg / 56kg444x360x650
B20-A1.1KW240v20 L3kg70kg / 75kg513x405x762
B25-A1.1KW240v25 L3.5 kg108kg net
B30-A1.5KW240v30 L3 ~ 6 kg70kg / 84kg600x475x1020
B50-A2.2KW415v50 L6~ 9 kg160kg / 180kg720x660x1280

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