Golden Bull Medicine Blender SY Series

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Golden Bull Medicine Blender SY Series

ModelVoltageCapacityPowerRotate SpeedDimension (LxWxH)Weight
SY-115240v / 50Hz100G0.65kw (armature)28000rpm140 x 140 x 330mm2.36kg
SY-116240v / 50Hz150G1.2kw (armature)28000rpm150 x 150 x 360mm3.4kg
SY-04240v / 50Hz250G1.35kw (armature)28000rpm170 x 170 x 380mm4.9kg
SY-10240v / 50Hz500G1.85kw (armature)25000rpm170 x 170 x 380mm7.2kg
SY-25240v / 50Hz1000G2.1kw (armature)25000rpm240 x 280 x 430mm9.7kg
SY-50240v / 50Hz2000G2.2 kw (armature)25000rpm240 x 280 x 430mm10.9kg

– The construction of a multi-function disintegrator is esthetic, have not much noise.
– This machine can disintegrate into very small powder from 30~300micron.
– Will not burn the material, have no dust while working, have no vibration, can disintegrate drugs, chemic material, biological materials, food.
– Disintegration process is quick, around 2 minutes to turn into powder, can be used for different materials, but can’t mix material with different tastes and different colors.
– Can be used in drug stores, investigation institutes, and family homes for small amounts of materials.

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