Electric Heater WB40

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Product Description

Electric Heater WB40
Power: 3kw
Voltage: 240v 50Hz

Capacity: 38L
Temperature: 30~ 100℃
Dimension: 428*568MM
Size: 43*57CM
Weight: 5.8KG

Features :
WB Series water heater made by good quality stainless steel, beautiful and luxurious appearance, cleanness and sanitation. It was used the import electrical equipment parts, energy-saving and durable. Be provided with automotive thermostat and be function of adjust water temperature optionally, safety & dependable, easy control, suitable for restaurant, dining room, hotel and canteen etc. Adopting the international popular internal device to heat, high efficient and energy-saving. Changing the model of cold water mixing with boiling water, ensuring 100% pure boiling water, which is helpful to health. Wide open design, tidy and convenient, more hygiene. A returning seat device by hand set inside, which prevents from dying, safe and reliable. Using the high quality stainless-steel, artistic, deluxe and durable. Turn the switch to 100℃, the pilot light will immediately turn bright indicating the water is being heated. When the water reach boiling point, power will automatically cut-off, it makes consumption of electrically more economical. Turn the switch to between 30℃~90℃ if want to keep the water warm.

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