ChiZhou Multi-Purpose Machine HQ Series



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Product Description

Swing over bed420mm
Distance between centers500mm400mm
Max. longitudinal travel440mm380mm
Max. cross travel200mm120mm
Taper of spindleMT4MT3
Spindle holeφ28mmφ20mm
Step of speed / Range of speed7 / 160 ~ 1360 rpm
Barrel travel70mm
Taper of centerMT3
Metric thread can be cut0.2 ~ 6MM0.2 ~ 3mm
Inch thread can be cut4 ~ 120 TPI8 ~ 120TPI
Longitudinal range of automatic feeding0.05 ~ 0.35mm0.05 ~ 0.175mm
Cross range of automatic feeding0.05 ~ 0.35mm
Drilling Capacityφ22mmφ15mm
Table Size(LxW)475x160mm200x150mm
End mill capacityφ28mmφ20mm
Face mill capacityφ80mmφ63mm
Max. distance between spindle center and column285mm
Max. distance between nose and table306mm
Spindle travel110mmφ85mm
Spindle taperMT3
Steps of spindle speed / Range of spindle speed16 / 120 ~ 3000 rpm14 /117 ~ 1300rpm
Swivel angle of headstock± 180°± 360°
Main motor power / Drill and mill mait motor0.55kw
Voltage / Frequency240V / 50HZ
Motor Speed1400 rpm
Overall Size1460 x 580 x 965mm970 x 580 x 965mm
Net weight / Gross weight245kg / 280kg180kg / 215kg

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