China Disk Mill FFC Series

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Product Description

China Disk Mill FFC Series

Sieve size of screen (mm)
Output (kg/hr)
Dried sweet-potato slices0.6600750
Da Huang 大黄0.615


FFC-15(S/S)FFC-23 (S/S)FFC-45 (S/S)
Rotational speed of main shaft9000rpm5800rpm3600rpm3000rpm
Outer dia. of the rotor(including flat tooth)150mm230mm370mm450mm
Number of oblate gears of the rotator3pc4pc5pc
Number of knuckle gears of the rotator3pc8pc12pc
Circles of square gears of the gear wheel2 circles
Pitch between the oblate gear & screen9mm16.5mm
Sieve size(screen strap) (mm)0.6, 1.20.6, 1.2, 3.5
Dimension(mm)565 x 305 x 610800 x 500 x 10001050 x 680 x 13251150 x 755 x 1425
Weight(excluding motor)18kg65kg158kg224kg
Motor Power2hp 240v3hp 240v4hp 415v10hp 415v15hp 415v
Motor Speed3000rpm1500rpm

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