Air Operated Hydraulic Jack AFJ35


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Product Description

Air Operated Hydraulic Jack AFJ35

Model: AFJ35
Capacity: 35 Ton
Min.Head: 257mm
Max.Head: 535mm
Ram Travel: 155mm
Screw Adj.: 123mm
Air Pressure: 0.75 – 0.86mpa
Weight: 45.5 KG

Intended use :
Ideal for lifting and servicing of heavy duty truck and heavy construction equipment.

Features :
Use compressed air as its air source, air pump push the high pressure oil into oil cylinder, lift the piston rod and add the carrying strength. Extension screw height can be adjusted a little if necessary. Different adapters widen the adjusted range. Safety overload system prevents jack from being used beyond its rated capacity. Rubber wheel and handle grip for easy transportation, positioning and high stability.

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