About Us

A Brief History…

history-imgThirty years is a long time. Those were the years, IKLIM Hardware & Machinery Sdn. Bhd. of weathering through thicks and thin as well as times of excitement, eventually culminating what we are today. Those mixed moments of hardship and happiness will always be etched in our memory.

IKLIM was founded in 1974 with only five shareholders, each contributing RM4,000 to set up a starting capital of RM20,000. Our main activities at that time were focused on selling and the maintenance of construction equipement and diesel engines. Only three persons were under our employment.

After re-organisation in 1975, the number of shareholders was increased to ten, each contributing RM10,000. Since then the Company was officially registered as a limited company. From 1976 onward, in addition to the original activities, we began to venture into the field of distribution.

Credibility Earns Trust…

We adopted a programtic approach is our tradings. The progress might be slow but steady.

After a few years of effort, our turnover increased significantly. By making our payment in time, we earned the trust of our supplier. Moreover, by providing good follow-up services to our clients, we built up a good reputation in the industry and this has become a solid basis for future growth.

Although our funds were limited, the contracts granted at the Guangzhou Trade Fair were all executed without compromising any of our principles.This proved our credibility to our Chinese counteparts. These business ventures have enhanced our image in the eyes of leading.

Planning For The Future…


Dealing with made in China machineries has always been our main line of activities. By importing “Chinese” machineries and hardwares, we have been established close ties with many Chinese trading companies, thus paving the way for futire development.

Clients are like friends…

client-imgThe importance of human relationships can never be taken for granted in any business undertaking.

In fact, clients are the most important asset of any enterprise. During the first ten years, our directors were personally involved in marketing activities, dealing with distributorship and clients and getting to know their problems and needs. Through this process, we establised closer ties and friendship with them. Along with it came vital information for further improvement of our services. Our principal has always been to place our customer above everything else and to do our best level in meeting their demands. In short, the key to our success is: “Maintain Good Human Relationship”.

Iklim Hardware & Machine Sdn Bhd is a trusted supplier of an extensive range of machinery and equipment such as the food equipment machine, food processing equipment, metre saw, soundproof generator, industrial pump, etc.

The machinery and equipment from Iklim Hardware & Machine are mostly imported from reputed manufacturer from China. We bring high quality and innovative features machinery and equipment for our customers that efficiently assist them in their business operations.

Our company is committed to deliver more sophisticated and innovative machinery and equipment to meet the market demands. With growing technological advancement, numerous production and manufacturing can be made easier through efficient machinery and equipment supplied from us.